Lazy Eye Tetris Available for Android Now

You can download Lazy Eye Tetris now from Google Play

device-2014-02-23-143927 device-2014-02-23-143949

device-2014-02-23-144028 device-2014-02-23-144053


* The suggested screen size is 4″
* I haven’t tried this on a real device just on emulator so errors may occur if you encounter any error please email me about that (if you can, send screenshot too)



  1. Hi, Thanks for building this. I read about this study sometime ago, but couldnt find an ap. I just installed this on my Android device (and purchased the Win8 version as well) Is there a way I can buy the android version and have the ads removed?

    1. Hi, I’m happy to hear that thanks for your feedback!
      Unfortunately, I’m not able to publish paid app to Google play due to my country location so yet the only way is the ads, but as soon as Google make avaliable the paid app regarding to my country then I will provide another version without ads. I prefer more the apps without ads too.

  2. Would love to see you work with Amazon to make this available on Kindle Fires as that is what my children have and we could definitely use this app!

  3. Hello- I have a lazy right eye and sometimes I see double. I have a apple 3G iPhone and a old desktop computer . Where can I purchase the games to train my eyes to work together ? If I need 3D glasses where do purchase those? Thanks alot!!!

  4. I was planning to download the lazy eye blocks free or lazy eye blocks pro. Which one will u prefer? Lastly, I see a lot of people have problems with lazy eye blocks free.

    1. Free version is a trial it is working just for a period. Pro version of the game is based on the same concept but there are more adjusting posibilities and no ads and of yourse this is the full version.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your app! I thought I could never improve my lazy eye vision… Unfortunately, Amazon did not make it available for kindle fire. I’m from Brazil and it’s not easy to request this kind of things from Amazon.

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