1. Can it help any condition when one eye is blurred and the other has taken over, like anisometropia? Or is it only amblyopia it helps?

    1. Hi,

      the apps design for people who have amblyopia or lazy eye. If you want to still try then I suggest to consult about it with your optometrist.

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

  2. One out of 12 males, independently of whether or not they have amblyopia, are red/green colorblind. I shouldn’t have to tell vision experts that using red for the color to create the image for one of the eyes, makes a game unusable for a 12th of male amblyopics. This is easily avoided by using yellow/blue 3D instead of red/blue. Or by making an uncolored game and using one vertical and one horizontal polarized image to separate left eye and right eye views. Versions of low priced 3D glasses are already available for both those modes though they are less well known than the red/blue variety. If the developers actually care even a bit about helping people in the real world and not just about selling the latest thing to optometrists and parents, they should correct this obvious flaw in their offerings. (0.5% of females are red/green colorblind as well, but if the defect were not as common as it is in males, it would be more understandable for game developers to forget to adjust for it.)

    1. Hi Cassandra,
      Yes your points are valid and all Lazy Eye Games application can be configured to any kind of anaglyph glasses because each color of the glasses can be any color and the applications support it just have to adjust it in the settings. The Windows version also supports polarized displays and that version not require anaglyh glasses but polarized display and glasses.
      Thanks for your comment I appreciate it and you are right

      Kind regards,

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