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  1. I am a 36 year old American who has had a lazy left eye and lazy left eye (while looking downward) all her life. I have tried, as an adult to get surgery but the only type they offer for my circumstance would only fix my eyes to be straight while looking downward and would cost over $2,000.00. I do not have Windows 8, Android or Windows phone but an Ipod and Windows 7. I am unable to even try this to see if it works but reading some comments it seems that it does. Please put a format on Apple or earlier version of Windows. I am willing to pay for it and I’m sure there would be a lot of other people willing also. Maybe do a kicks starter campaign or the like. I would be happy to donate.

    1. I’m glad that you found my page.

      As I get more and more requests for an Apple version I will start to work on it but it is probably will be published only in the next year because
      – I work as a full time programmer
      – I have to see the feedbacks about the current versions before that
      – an Apple version is the most effort needed to me (registration fee, device cost, learning curve\time)
      (but you can indicate the need of an Apple version if you send donate with an “Apple” note to my PayPal account)

      but allow me to suggest some virtualization possibilities for Windows 8 you can use the free virtualbox

    1. The implementation is similar but the game concept is not new to separate the two sides for each eye. If you familiar with Vision Therapy then you should know similar exercises based on the same concept and implementation. So it is more like a VT exercise what proved it’s success for many years

      1. Okay thanks, the screen on my phone is cracked would you recommend me getting it fixed or will it be alright for now

      2. If the colors of the screen are right and the display is responsable and there is no big gaps then you are okay else I tell that it is better to fix the phone first.

  2. Hi, I would like to buy – however on windows 8, you can only purchase if you have a USA address??? I don’t live in the USA.. is there another way to purchase this?

    1. The game is awesome, again thanks so much for it!! I’d be glad if it had not only a speed setting, but also that place to keep the pieces witch I don’t know the name… You keep one piece there, than trade for some other when you want, and then that late one will be the one kept instead, and so on and on…

  3. hi. I buyed the lazyeyebreaker but I can’t install on my pc. It seems that I cant download it neither (I’ve a Windows 8). Please will yuo help me (may you send it on my email directly?)
    Best regards
    Andrea (Italy)

  4. Hi. The controls for the snake game on iPad can be unresponsive at times causing the player to fail. I have also noticed that the game lags when the snake gets bigger. Thanks Olly

  5. Hi, how are you? First off, thank you so much for developing these games for IOs. I’d like to know witch ones allow me to change the background color like the blocks one. I found the right color for each eye, like it’s said in the instructions, but in order for the pieces to completely disappear, I had to use a white background instead of the black one. Instead of the usual green and red, the colours wich worked in my anaglyph red/ blue glasses were a yellow and a cyan… I purchased the snake game, but coudn’t change the background color so I can’t play it since I can’t find colors that disappear in the black background 😦 So I’d really like to buy only the ones witch have the option to change background. Thank you, and I’m sorry about my english, for it isn’t my primary language.

    1. Hi,

      This option is also available in Lazy Eye Circles app. In all other app you can’t modify the background color due most glasses fit better for black background (although I will take it into consideration to add this option to all other games too). If you can’t make the game elements totally disappear you are still good to play. Here I collected a FAQ:

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

  6. Hi,

    My son is 3.5 years old and has a turn in his eye which is except when tired and looking at objects close up, controlled by his glasses

    My question is, Which would be the easiest and most suitable game for a child of this age to play? And are standard blue and red 3D glasses OK to use?

  7. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I ordered my glasses and downloaded the trial but it is frustratingly difficult to calibrate. Can the color calibration be set so that as you are adjusting the color you can actually see how it is affecting how the text appears? As oppose to the current version, where I have to adjust the color, go back to screen, see if anything changes and then repeat until by pure chance I find the correct color. Or / and can the values be set by adjusting RGB values instead of the color picker. For something that relies crucially on accurate calibrations this seems like a huge oversight (no pun intended).

  8. Do you recommend coupling this treatment with an eye patch? Is there any scientific research out here showing the efficacy of this treatment?

    1. Hi,

      the game can help a lot on lazy eye and ambyopia I got many positive feedbacks that indicate better eye alignment and e.g. 20/400 vision what changed to 20/20. There are 2 or 3 who gave feedback that they did not improved, but in the feedbacks I get in general 95% positive feedback and people report improvements.

      You have to be aware that with Vision Therapy as the game itself also a Vision Therapy like exercise can be improved that condition but it is a hard and long process to cure fully to get improvements is relatively fast weeks, months.
      You also have to be aware that all people different so one react more one less there was report who told me that after just 3-4 usage in 2 weeks improved the eyes to close to perfect but of course it sounds extreme and great but can’t guarantee this for everybody so it is usually hard and long work.

      To be aware of the whole process I also suggest to read through that book it gives a pretty good start point to understand the all situation:

      and of course also can be helpful to read vision therapy related articles.

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

  9. I have a Windows 10 computer and am unable to adjust settings. I would like to change the block colors so they match my 3D glasses. Is there an update I can download so I can adjust the block colors?

  10. Hi, was wondering if you would consider including some kind of timer on the game screen so that it would be easier to monitor how long you have been playing. Thanks.

  11. Hi,
    Couple of questions. Are any of your apps optimized for the iPad pro resolution? And do any of the games support keyboard input? I Have a keyboard with my iPad but the current Lazy eye app I am using doesn’t recognize it and using the touch screen for tetris is not easy.

    1. Hi,

      yes all of the apps optimized also for iPad pro. As the iOS apps primarily designed for phones and tablets thus no explicit support for external keyboard yet.

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

  12. Form me it would be better to understand all of These Texts and instructions from the Game if they Are in german and i have also Problems with the Settings and my 3D Glases. And so i dont do it many times behause i am not Sure if it is right i have while playing often Double Vision like in the normal das because of my Lazy eye and strabismus with it!

  13. I got one of the 3D glasses suggested, but my one eye(the one that doesn’t have amblyopia) can see all of the blocks regardless of what I do to the color. Help!

    1. Hi,

      While you can distinguish whether you use both of your eyes or just one it can be good but
      if you don’t feel confomrtable then maybe the 3D glasses is too pale which can be a problem, please make sure that you are using an decent 3D glasses. Greater contarst is the better because it is easier to adjust the colors.

      For more information please visit
      I was not able to make each colors totally invisible for the my other eye can I play the game?

      If you have problems to setup the colors after you have read the instructions then you probably own a low contrast 3D glasses I would suggest one of these. A higher contrast glasses (more darker) more easier to setup the colors to be invisible, with a low contrast glasses you should choose a very bright color to accomplish that. This is why a high contrast or darker glasses fits better to the game. If you were able to setup the colors just you were not able to make completely invisible the blocks but you can see when you play with one eye or both eyes then you are good with the settings and you can play the game it will be beneficial just always pay attention what see and concentrate to use both eyes together.

      Kind Regards,

      Balazs B.

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