Good to know and instructions

I have added more information to the instructions page based on experiences so check it out it can be useful

You can find the instructions page on the menu bar or here

And as a bonus check out this video from the 80’s it is old but worth to check and you can get a picture about the problem



Lazy Eye Tetris 3D on Windows 8 Do you have a 3D Monitor or TV?

If you have a 3D display (monitor or TV) and you don’t want the play with the colors to adjust the game then now you can play the Game on Windows 8 with a 3D display (side by side technology)

(With built in helper settings (to fuse the images easier) what is adjustable: helper grid or helper border, for one side or for each side see on screenshoots)

You can download here

1 2

3 4


(Tested on LG D2343P-BN – 3D IPS LED 23″)

Lazy Eye Reader 0.5v web page

I have created a small web page what you can use for practice, with a two color glass (3D glass) you can try to use your eyes together.

This is just an extremely small web page (and not finished yet completely) but you can find it useful maybe

give it a try if you think

(but if you have vision problems you can find this very hard or extremely hard to read much more harder than the Tetris game):


You can find this here: Lazy Eye Reader

It is works similar to the following vision therapy tools:

2013-06-12 14.41.59 BCHCRG-CAW5536287036_a8a0c15444_o Red Green Bar Reader