Lazy Eye Breaker

A new lazy eye app have been published! You can download from:

Windows 10


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  1. Hi, is the Tetris lazy eye breaker is successful to the other lazy eye games. Can use the red/green vision therapy glasses.

    1. Hi,

      it is in Apple’s approval process when it will be available I will repy to this question again to indicate that the game is downloadable.

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

    1. Hi,
      all application works with any two color glasses (anaglyph) except the one with the “3D” suffix It uses side by side tech and works with any 3D display (eg.:lg, samsung) (because this is the most common) and you can use that glasses what you use anyway with your 3D display so special glasses not needed

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

    1. Hi,

      All games suport all type of anaglyph glasses except the Windows 8 version with the 3D suffix it is supports all type of 3D displays like lg’s passive technology or samsung’s active 3D displays etc…

      You can find all the details here from each game:

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

  2. Hi,
    I downloaded the tetris of lazy eye (free download) on my samsung tablet. I used a 3D two colored glasses. But It seems to me that it is the same with 3D glasses or without it! Is there any video (youtube) that can teach me how to use the glasses with this game? Shall I purchase another version? Kindly advise.

      1. Hi. Thank you for your quick help. I got the concept how the colored 3D glasses work with lazy eye Tetris. Yet my problem is with my glasses, because no matter how much I try to adjust the color to be invisible for one eye it still visible for the very same eye. I think the lenses are not dark enough and of poor quality. This is the link of the glasses:

        I would be grateful if you help me find a glasses of high quality lenses. By the way there are other glasses like mine in this very same site with more price. I do not know if they have better lense or not. Also some of the glasses you put on your site about are either unavailable or sold. Regards.

  3. Thank you alot. I really appreciate your help. Hope this glasses will help me. Many many thanks.

  4. Hello,
    Yesterday the “Lazy Eye Blocks” that I downloaded for free, couple of weeks ago, stopped. I had to download the “Lazy Eye Blocks Pro”!!

    1. Hi,

      yes this is correct the free version is a 3 day trial version.
      There are full paid versions more detils here:

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

      1. Thanks again. Can I play the “Lazy Eye Blocks Pro” that I downloaded on my Samsung tablet on my laptop or lcd tv? Do I have to download it again on my laptop? My laptop is Sony windows 7.

      2. Yes If you have puchased the Android version then you can download the game and play on any of your Android devices. Google Play, Win store and iOS store are different platforms and I have no option to share users between them so unfortunately there is no option to share the app between stores.

        Kind regards,
        Balazs B.

  5. Thanks. So if I want to play the game on my sony windows 7 laptop I need to purchase it again to download it on it!

    1. You are welcome. On Windows 7 there is no Win Store. Win Store is available only from Win 8 so if you have Win 8 OS on your laptop then you can puchase and play the game on that.

      1. Hello, this is Mahmoud. I have a vaio laptop (purchased on 2010). I updated the windows from windows 7 to windows 10. Can I download the lazy eye Tetris/Blocks game from your store on it? Will it work properly? Can I connect my laptop to my TV and play it? What kind of glasses do I need?

      2. Hello, I still have one problem. I can not get the app on my pc. Would you please send me a link where I can download the proper lazy eye tetris/ blocks. Which model of lazy eye blocks is more convenient for me? Is it “Lazy Eye Blocks 3D”? Regards.

  6. Can I use Lazy eye Tetris (block) Pro on my Android Fire HD? If so, do I just go to your website to download?

    If not, does it work on a PC running Windows 8.1 with a touchscreen? I can attach a mouse if that helps or works. Thanks!

    We are very interested in this, but I want to make sure which version to download.

    1. Hi,

      if you have Google Play on your Android device then you can download and it will work on it.
      Yes, Lazy Eye Blocks supports Win 8 with touchscreen (supports keyboard too).

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

  7. Hi, I have had great success with lazy eye tetris. I purchased lazy eye breaker and have been unable to find an appropriate color setting. I am unable to make the “left” or “right” only be seen with one eye. Any advice?

      1. Is there any way that you could allow for lazy eye breaker to have a white background option? I think it would make the objects stand out better when using the glasses. Thanks!

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