Fixing My Gaze

Read about Lazy Eye

I would like to recommend a very great book on this topic. From time to time I used to recommend this book for people who seems more interested and would like to know more about the condition or who just recently realized the problem or ones who are totally in desperate and feels uncomfortable. So I think it is strongly recommended all of the
people who didn’t read this yet.
This book is Fixing My Gaze by Susan R. Barry
It is deep enough to get an image about the whole process and the vision system,
but not too deep to be too frustrating to read due to the over usage of technical terms.
So It is really written in the proper way for most of the people. The best in this book that this really proofs that the hard and continuous work pay off on the long term and our vision is able to change permanently in any age.
This book can give you enough motivation and information to start or boost your commitment beside vision change.
So I suggest to read through this book it gives a pretty good starting point to understand the condition: