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Lazy Eye Tetris on Facebook

A facebook page has been created to promote Lazy Eye Treatment with Tetris game…

We would like to ask you to like and share our facebook page to reach even more people and provide them an effective solution for their vision disorder

Thank you in advance to everyone


Lazy Eye Reader 0.5v web page

I have created a small web page what you can use for practice, with a two color glass (3D glass) you can try to use your eyes together.

This is just an extremely small web page (and not finished yet completely) but you can find it useful maybe

give it a try if you think

(but if you have vision problems you can find this very hard or extremely hard to read much more harder than the Tetris game):


You can find this here: Lazy Eye Reader

It is works similar to the following vision therapy tools:

2013-06-12 14.41.59 BCHCRG-CAW5536287036_a8a0c15444_o Red Green Bar Reader