Month: April 2014

What kind of 3D glasses can I use with Lazy Eye Tetris?

The question came up multiple times in email message so I think I should answer the question here in more details.

First you can find information about the proper glasses on the “Instructions” page I copy a snippet here:

If you use a pale-colored 3D glasses then It need more precise settings to separate the two eyes appropriately.
As I experienced that a more darker or high contrast 3D glasses easier to setup (maybe the red-green and magenta-green is the easiest).

You can play with the left right colors as you wish.
e.g: if you have an amblyopic left eye then you adjust the “left” word to be invisible for your left eye and “right” to your right eye then you will see the landing blocks with your left eye after it is easy you can change up the two side to use you amblyopic eye to see the falling block what is a bit harder so you can adjust the two color as you wish according to your capibilities

According to these you can use two color anaglyph glasses like red\cyan, magenta\green, red\green or if you use a 3D capable monitor or TV then the glasses what is belong to your device (e.g.: LG passive polaroid glasses).

I would like to suggest an ordered list about the anaglyph glasses what you can use. Of course not these are the only what you can use to be honest most of the anaglyph glasses should work at least I was not able to find one what is not worked and I tried 4-5 sort of, but as I mentioned on the instructions page can be a worse or better one.

You can use the following glasses with the android, windows 8 , windows phone version of the Lazy Eye Tetris:

1. 3D Deluxe Vision Glasses


order 1

2. Green\Magenta glasses


order 1

3. Red\Blue glasses


order 1

[alternative version only available for professionals] Vision Therapy Red\Green glasses


Vision Therapy glasses order 1 etc…

…and as a final advice for fine tune if you use the mobile version of the game then an AMOLED display is better than the simple LED displays for color calibration.

All glasses are great so I am sure everybody can find one what can use to play the Tetris game.

For the Windows 8 3D version of the Lazy Eye Tetris you should use the glasses what you got along with your 3D display device (monitor or TV).

Keep up the good work and I hope I was able to help in that question.