More Lazy Eye Games

You can find more Lazy Eye Games on the following link



  1. Thank you so much! I actually think this is working. Are you coming out with any other games? Can I suggest a version of lazy eye – flappy birds?

    1. I am glad to hear that. The flappy bird I think not the best for this just an annoyig game:) but I plan other puzzle games in the future like brick breaker.

  2. I am realky excited to hear about this treatment! I need to know what kind of goggles I can use to play the games that will strengthen my lazy eye.

  3. NICE! I had been waiting something like this for many years, i hope you get the Apple version soon couse i dont have w8 or android.

    1. Hi,

      I’m glad to hear that thanks.
      Unfortunately, at the moment Apple version is not planned (at least in the near future) because
      – I have to see the feedbacks about the current versions before that
      – an Apple version is the most effort needed to me (registration fee, device cost, learning curve\time)
      (but you can indicate the need of an Apple version if you send donate with an “Apple” note to my PayPal account)

      but allow me to suggest a virtualization possiblitiy win8:

      Best Regards,
      Balázs B.

    1. Hi,

      The usage of my applications only beneficial for people who have lazy eye (amblyopia or lazy eye) so if you are not in that condition then the game just a game for your and you can’t benefit from the game as a eye improving exercise. If that the case then probably was a misunderstanding when you have purchased the game.

      If you have a lazy eye then you definitely can benfit from these type of games like Lazy Eye Bubble Shooter. The type of the game is classic Bubble Shooter ( and can be played by the common rules (shoot bubbles to match 3 bubble in a line and destroy all and repeat and reach higher and higher scores).

      The special in my games that you can always set the color of two or more game elements and with the help of a 3D glasses you can make invisible a ‘left’ colored game element for the right eye and the ‘right’ colored game element for the left eye. If you have lazy eye this then you can’t use your eye simultaneously and you have to find hard to play the game because when you focus and try to play you only gets very weak inputs simultaneously and with practice you can improve and train the brain to more easily adapt to this situation and this way the eyes learn to work together and the purpose with this to reach total stereopsis (more details about this on my site of course).

      So this is the purpose of the game and that is why it is called “Lazy Eye” Bubble Shooter.
      In bubble shooter the two adjustable game element is two type of bubbles (these bubbles have no a black dot in the middle).
      When you start the game you press settings you adjust the colors as I describe on the site. In short close one eye make “Left” text invisible “Right” text visible then open closed eye and close previously opened eye and adjust to make “Left” text visible “Right” text invisible then save. Then tap on the “Tap to start” icon and start playing while both eyes are open and you wear the 3D glasses. With practicing you can improve (details on the site).

      I really hope that now I was able to answer all missing part and you will be satisfied with the application.
      (more general info here:

      Kind regards,
      Balazs B.

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