Month: March 2014

Lazy Eye Tetris 3D on Windows 8 Do you have a 3D Monitor or TV?

If you have a 3D display (monitor or TV) and you don’t want the play with the colors to adjust the game then now you can play the Game on Windows 8 with a 3D display (side by side technology)

(With built in helper settings (to fuse the images easier) what is adjustable: helper grid or helper border, for one side or for each side see on screenshoots)

You can download here

1 2

3 4


(Tested on LG D2343P-BN – 3D IPS LED 23″)


Lazy Eye Snake

Now the Lazy Eye Snake also have been published

The game works similar way than Lazy Eye Tetris

So if you want some fun try it out

You can download from here


device-2014-03-12-203652 device-2014-03-12-203731

device-2014-03-12-203756 device-2014-03-12-203845 device-2014-03-12-203923


Lazy Eye Games

If you want to try out other Lazy Eye Games you can\will find here some

The list will be extended continously

Check this out here



You find too hard to play Lazy Eye Tetris?

If you find hard to play then first you have to start with easier exercises and try to reach that level when you can work with Lazy Eye Tetris.

I would like to suggest a site where you can find exercises and manuals to develop your eyes.

You can checkout this site here